Beyond partnership, real opportunity await

Join us and be part of our success, part of us.

Simm.BI currently leads in the worlds of Data and BI solutions and we continue to grow rapidly.

We offer a unique opportunity for new partners to join us and grow together. Partners will be an integral part of our journey in a unique profit-sharing model.

Together we will reach new achievements.

Ready to join the partnership?

What do our partners get?

Mutual business growth

We believe in a real partnership where both sides want the other's success.

When our partners succeed, we also succeed and vice versa – Simm.BI’s success also leads to our partners’ success

Unique profit and revenue sharing model

We offer:

One of the most advanced BI systems

We have invested a lot of time, development and thought into our system to make it the most intuitive and worthwhile. The system does not require programming knowledge

Who can be our partners?

Companies currently offering BI solutions seek to expand by introducing a more innovative, intuitive, and cost-effective product compared to competitors
companies that provide information system implementation and development services and want to capture the new market share of the growing BI solutions world

Whether you already have BI solutions in your company or you want to offer us as a new BI solution as part of your services, we are up for the task, together with our partners

Who we are and what we do?

Simm.BI provides convenient, cost-effective and tailored BI solutions for business needs. The solutions include analytical dashboards, control screens, advanced reports and advanced integration solutions.

We tailor our services to our clients’ needs, simply and professionally. Since the company was founded, we have invested in our unique technology that allows us to implement a BI system in a short, efficient process and with significant cost savings.

Join us on a shared journey

If you’ve made it this far it means you understand the opportunity, capabilities and benefits you will receive. All that remains is to leave details and if you are found suitable for the shared mission we will be happy to add you to success!