Arena (PLM) - Priority (ERP)
Integration Solution

Simm.BI was chosen to be the official integration partner of Arena, a PTC company, in solutions that interface between Arena’s PLM software and the Priority ERP system. As a pivotal intermediary technology, Simm.BI fulfills a significant role in seamlessly connecting Arena’s PLM platform with Priority ERP system.

In the modern business landscape, organizations are committed to streamlining their operations and integrating various systems to optimize workflows and breaking down of information silos

Through Simm.BI’s advanced integration capability, we’ve established a connection that identifies changes in entities within each of the Arena and Priority systems. Subsequently, data updates are performed in the systems either unidirectionally or bidirectionally. Moreover, the system connection process includes organized tracking in Priority after the changes, verifying the success of updates, and even sending notifications about updates via email.

This enables various functions within an organization to manage a more unified, smoother workflow with updated and reliable data (the integration process can be bidirectional).

By leveraging integration and system linkage, manual processes are eliminated, reducing human error occurrences. The interconnectedness among systems saves time and allows for better-informed, more professional, and real-time decision-making capabilities. Additionally, this process leads to improved business performance and cost savings.

This advanced integration encompasses deeply intertwined workflows within systems, creating an advanced and innovative system that empowers organizations to reach new heights.

Arena develops software that helps companies design, develop, and rapidly produce innovative products. Arena’s solution integrates Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Quality Management (QMS) processes, allowing everyone involved in the product realization process—from design to manufacturing—to collaborate together. This is aimed at enabling development teams to expedite product development processes and their launch to increase profits.

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PLM and ERP play distinct yet complementary and synergy roles

Seamless PLM-ERP integration enables:


Consistency across systems

PLM-ERP integration ensures that data, such as bills of materials (BOMs), design specifications, and engineering changes, remains consistent and synchronized between the PLM and ERP systems. Any updates made in one system are automatically reflected in the other, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies or data inconsistencies.

Reduction in Manual Data Entry

Integration reduces the need for manual data entry and data duplication. This minimizes the risk of human error associated with rekeying information from one system to another. As a result, data accuracy is improved, and the chances of data entry mistakes are reduced.

Single Source of Truth

Integrated systems establish a "single source of truth" for product-related data. This means that all stakeholders across the organization can rely on a unified, up-to-date dataset, which reduces confusion and miscommunication. When everyone is working from the same set of data, it minimizes the chances of using outdated or incorrect information.

Data Validation and Verification

Integrated PLM-ERP systems can incorporate validation and verification processes. For instance, before a product design change is approved in PLM, it may undergo automated validation checks to ensure that it complies with predefined criteria. This helps ensure that only accurate and compliant data moves from PLM to ERP

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