360 Control Screens

All the Information You Need in One Place, Exactly When You Need It.

Are you seeking a way to ensure absolute control and maximum efficiency over your business processes?

Advanced control screens are the ideal tool for you. These screens provide a unique experience of centralized control and monitoring over processes like trading, manufacturing, sales, marketing, project management, logistics, configuration management, and more. With this solution, you will actively manage your business, making informed decisions based on real-time accurate information.

Examples of Use Cases for Control Screens:

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Advanced Tracking and Monitoring
Deep Insight into Processes and Performance

Our operational control screen system provides advanced tracking and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. With this system, you can closely monitor complex processes, vast amounts of data, and identify potential weaknesses or early warning signals, allowing you to take proactive measures and prevent issues and problems.

Everything at a Glance
Centralized Control Over Processes

All operational data and necessary actions for the workflow are located in one place. The central screen provides a comprehensive view, enabling you to control, manage, and respond quickly to operational changes. It offers full control capabilities, making your business more productive and efficient.

External Data Input
Efficient Interaction with Suppliers and Customers

One of the key advantages of the operational screen system is the ability to directly input data from external entities into the organization. This enables suppliers and customers to securely send data directly to the system, enhancing the flow of information and processes within the organization.

Direct Integration with the Information System
Real-time Business Processes

The operational screen is directly connected to the organizational information system, allowing for real-time updates and continuous flow of operational data. This provides a vivid, up-to-date, and accurate view of processes and operational metrics, without waiting for updates or relying on third-party systems.

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